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Each of the Cleveland4 have wish lists. This will include books, and news items they would like to hear about. One of the things they constantly stress is that one of the hardest things is feeling disconnected, and they would really like to get news articles, and other things. You can print these at home, or cut up a used newpaper and mail out articles!

From Connor;

"Perhaps more than any other book at this point, i'd like some magazine subscriptions. At the last spot i read a lot of them in the library but i don't have that luxury here, especially as the selection is terrible. Also, my number one request at present is a Cincinnati Bengals Calender 2016 (and/or 2017, if they exist yet...). I know some of these are odd requests, but i have found that people are more likely to send books than money, and i'm trying to make a few extra dollars and stop asking folks every week for money... So yeah, Cincinnati Bengals Calender FTW.

i am most interested in books about 1) creating a business plan and 2) grant writing, in that order. There are a few books i have requested the cover in a very basic way drafting a business plan, but if anyone can find books that go into more depth on this topic, it would be much appreciated."

Also looking for islamic texts, and a subscription to Bilal Phillip's Islamic Online University

Islamic Online University (IOU)? It's free, all i need is someone to sign me up, so that would be greatly appreciated...

If you purchase any of these please let us know so we can take them off of his list!

Heres some things he wants that arent on amazon;

The Evolution of Fiqh, Bilal Phillips
The Divine Lightning, Shaykh ul-Islam Sulaymaan ibn 'Abdil Wahhab
Reliance of the Traveler (The Risala of Sheikh Shafi'i)
Al-Albani Unveiled: An Exposition of His Errors and Other Important Issues, Sayf al-Din Ahmed ibn Muhammad

Amazon book wish list (By NYC ABC)

Amazon book wish list!

The guys would rather have used books, or books from local book stores and publishers! Books from *PM Press, AK Press, and Little Black Cart would be best. Books do have to be from a publisher, otherwise they will get returned. They can also only be in packages of 3 or less.
Please let us know if you order a book from the amazon wish list off of amazon, so we can take it off of the list!

AK Press List: 30% Discounts to Prisoners. Let them know when you purchase!

PM Press Wishlist: Use code FOPM for discount for prisoners


About Connor;
More than any other content, I enjoy a letter in which the writer touches on their own experiences. The synchronicity so often revealed in these letters, resonating with my life as well as letters from other folks, has a profound beauty which reveals new connections, where seemingly isolated incidents become patterns.

My interests are extremely varied and difficult to map out. i am currently studying anarchist pedagogies, Jungian psychology, Indology, feminism, depth psychology, toxicology, ancient Earth religions (especially that of the Maya, the Babylonians, and India), political anthropology (in particular, Pierre Clastres), and ufology/contactee experiences, among others.

The following are lists of interests in particular fields.

Thomas Pynchon
Raoul Vaneigem
Kurt Vonnegut
Philp K. Dick
Hakim Bey
Bell Hooks
William S. Burroughs
d.a. levy
Pablo Neruda
Frederico Garcia Lorca
Antonio Machado
Leonel Rugama
Eduardo Galeano
W.B. Yeats
William Blake
T.S. Eliot
Robert Bly
J.G. Ballard
Thomas M. Disch
Philip K. Dick
Kurt Vonnegut
Yukio Mishima
Shirow Masamune
G.I. Gurdjieff
P.D. Ouspensky
Colin Wilson
John E. Mack
Rupert Sheldrake
Milan Kundera
Charles Bukowski
Slovaj Zizeck
Robert Thurman
Raoul Vaneigem
Zo D'Axa
Lorenzo Novatore
Luigi Galleani
Leo Tolstoy
Aliester Crowley
William Blum
James Hillman
Howard Zinn
Staughton Lynd
Robert Anton Wilson
James Joyce
J.R. Tolkien
C.S. Lewis
Theodore Sturgeon
and many, many more . . .

i am not as knowledgeable of visual artists as i would like to be, but among my favorites are Bosch, Van Gogh, Dali, and Michelangelo.

Dead Kennedys
Alexander Scriabin
Tom Waits
Bad Brains
John Coltrane
Bob Dylan
P-Model (and Susumu Hirasawa in general)
Pere Ubu
Leonard Cohen
Billie Holiday
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Jimi Hendrix
Dead Boys
DJ Shadow
Harvey Milk
Iggy & the Stooges
Lee "Scratch" Perry
The Coup
The Statler Brothers
The Clash
The Roots
Talking Heads
Simon & Garfunkle
The Velvet Underground
Warren Zevon's "Carmalita"
GG Allin
Johnny Cash
Woody Guthrie
Zager & Evans
Maria Callas
and many, many more . . .


Thursday, December 17, 1992

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