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Doug Wright #57973-060
FCI Gilmer
P.O. Box 6000
Glenville, WV 26351

Doug is the last of the Cleveland 4 to be released with his 11.5 year sentence ending on September 6, 2022. We expect him to be transferred to a halfway house around March 16th. Feel free to drop one last letter in the mail to him at FCI Gilmer before he is transferred.

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About Doug:
It was during the reign of Ronald Reagan, a decade that signaled the rapid decline of all that still lay natural, sane, and pure. Central America was brutalized, unions were busted, record number of millionaires became billionaires, punk rock took the offensive, and on May 31, 1985 Douglas Wright entered this world.

What do children need?  They need love, food, and warm beds.  Fresh air and stimulating conversation is good, too.

At the young age of fourteen, Doug decided he had all the mental and physical abuse he could possibly handle from the hands of his mothers’ boyfriends, and made his way out to L.A.

Children exposed to mental and physical abuse experience rapid and intense emotions; fear, anger, confusion, guilt and anxiety.  Many develop trust issues, have strong feelings of restlessness, and frequently become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

In L.A. Doug became involved in radical leftist activities and anti-war rallies.  He eventually made his way to San Francisco and got involved in ANSWER SF rallies.

At the age of fifteen, during his time in California, Doug became addicted to heroin.

Almost as dangerous as heroin, Doug picked up the habit of train hopping.  He made his way out to New York City and on one occasion accidentally found himself in Anderson, Indiana. In Anderson, Doug met people with a music company that hosted all age punk rock shows. These folks became Doug’s new family for the next five years.

Doug was in Cleveland during the Occupy movement and became the target of an elaborate FBI setup operation.

Many people in this country are born into lives of relative solitude and comfort. Doug’s life has been a series of tests, trials, and tribulations.

Douglas Wright is now serving eleven and a half years in federal prison, his latest test. I’m honored and proud to call him a comrade. One that has shown nothing but grit, sand, and integrity.  And I know, if you got the time, he’d surely appreciate a letter from you.


Friday, May 31, 1985

Mailing Notes:

Doug would love photos and news articles from the outside.

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