The Cleveland 4 appreciate all the support they receive — from financial and legal support to emotional support through letters and books. Support continues to be needed to help them feel solidarity and cared about throughout their years in prison and on probation. Please, write to them, send them books, donate to their commissary fund, and spread the word about them. Thank you.

Send Letters & Books

The Cleveland 4 would greatly appreciate your words of support through letters, cards, photos, and postcards. You can also send them books from their book wish lists.

Please no glitter, stickers, glue, etc. on cards. Note that prisons monitor mail, so please do not write about any illegal activity. Envelopes should contain their address with inmate number and a return address.

Mail and books mean so much – it’s a connection to community and continued ways to learn. Thank you for sending this support through the walls of prison.


You can donate online here or via PayPal, or use one of these other methods. Donations are very important to making sure that they have money in their commissary fund for purchasing basic self care items, letter writing materials, stamps, and phone calls and emails with loved ones.

Send through money orders:
Make out the money order to the person you are sending money to. You must include their name and inmate ID# on the money order. Then send it to:
Federal Bureau of Prisons
Inmate Name, Inmate ID#
PO Box 474701
Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001

You must put a return address on the envelope.

You can send direct donations through Western Union.
First select Federal Bureau of Prisons, and then enter the amount.
Choose payment method.
Enter Name and ID#:

Numbers should be: (Josh) 57976060STAFFORD, (Connor) 57978060STEVENS, (Doug) 57973060WRIGHT, (Brandon) 57972060BAXTER

Then you type in your account information and send.

If you would like to make donations via check, please contact us first. Though the easiest method is donating to the commissary fund.

Thank you for your donations!