Connor’s Welcome Home Fundraiser 2/17/19

POETRY & MUSIC! $5 Door, sliding scale.

Connor will be out by march or April! And he’s going to need EVERYTHING when he’s home. Please come and help us celebrate and raise money so that he can get what he needs when he’s home!

You can also bring items to give Connor!
-9.5 Mens Shoes, L or XL shirts. Preferably L. 30×32 Mens pants.
-He’ll need socks, underwear a coat, sweaters, winter gloves and hat, summer clothes, spring clothes, all of it.

Other Misc things:
-a beard trimmer, stationary, writing materiel, envelopes, stamps, pens and pencils, a smartphone, laptop w/ laptop bag, backpack or tote bag.

*Gently used / New please.

Donate online @

2/17/19 @ 6pm
Outlandish Press

9722 Madison Ave., Cleveland, Ohio 44102