Donate & Raise Money


We can now collect donations on line here

You can also send donation by;

Money order:
Make out the money order whichever Cleveland4 member you are sending money to. You must include their ID # on the money order. Then send it to

Federal Bureau of Prisons
Inmate Name
Inmate ID #
Post Office Box 474701
Des Moines, IA 50947-0001

You must put a return address on the envelope.

Money orders from the post office will post to their books a lot quicker than any other money order, but they cost about a dollar more.

Postal Money Order Example:

Example of Western Union:

You can send direct donations through western union.
First select Federal Bureau of Prisons and then enter the amount
Choose payment method
Enter Name and ID # You must put their last name It should look like:


Numbers should be: (Josh) 57976060STAFFORD, (Connor) 57978060STEVENS, (Doug) 57973060WRIGHT, (Brandon) 57972060BAXTER

Then you type in your account information and send!

If you would like to make donations via check or money order, please make the check out to

Conveyor Belt Collective (who is handling our donations)

Send checks to:

Cleveland 4 Justice
c/o Guide to Kulchur
5900 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44102 

Please seperate any donations over $3000 into multiple contributions.

Your identity will be kept confidential unless you would prefer otherwise.  Thanks so much, your help is greatly appreciated!

All donations will be sent to the Cleveland4. They use this money to buy calls, stamps, letters, hygeine product, food and other neccesities. Prison is expensive. (90$ for shoes?!) We send 200$ a month, they each get 50$.

Prisoners have to pay for food to stay healthy, for calls home, (25 cents a minute, plus the call fee itself), They pay for laundry, and everything else. Even with working a job, they get paid LESS than 50 cents an hour. So please, donate if you can, every penny helps.

Book Packages

Books sent to prisoners must be sent through a publisher. For more information on how to send books, or to send books that you already own, get in touch with Cleveland Books to Prisoners at (latigid [at] riseup [dot] net). 

Each of the Cleveland4 has their own Book wish-list which is located in the "About The 4" Tab.

From Cleveland? If you would like to help Cleveland Books to Prisoners support political prisoners accross Ohio, you can come to their packing hours from 2 to 4pm every Sunday. Contact the email above to get started!


The 4 need your monetary support for their Commissary Fund, court fees, investigators, specialists... the list goes on! Help Cleveland 4 Solidarity raise money for the defense of the Cleveland 4. Some fun and creative ideas for fundraising in your city are:

  • Benefit Shows!
  • Dance Parties! 
  • Potlucks! 
  • etc... 

Throw an event in your hometown to Fundraise for the 4! If you would like more information on the Cleveland 4 case for your event, please contact the e-mail below. For all money raised, please send via the WePay link listed to the right 

Or make out Checks or Money Orders to Conveyor Belt Collective and send to our P.O. Box:

Cleveland 4 Justice
c/o Guide to Kulchur
5900 Detroit Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44102