Brandon Baxter


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Brandon Baxter #57972-060
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Terre Haute, IN 47808

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"I’ve lived my time incarcerated by the philosophy that no one can take this time from me unless I choose to let them, that so long as I spend each day productively, working towards my goals, then that time is not wasted; it’s still mine. I think I learned to do time this way by reading the accounts of other prisoners who had done considerable lengths of time, especially in solitary, and who emerged from their sentences with their dignity still intact, and from the old-timers still seeing theirs out as role models. Men who’ve seen the worst of it all and manage to maintain a shining faith in humanity. The ones who taught me to learn as if my life depended on it. Someone told me early on that this time can be used for great things. I’ve never stopped holding onto those words, sometimes for dear life." - Brandon



Monday, April 27, 1992

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